The first visit of Vancouver – Yaletown, Gastown, and Robson St.

Arrived at here, Vancouver in the morning of 27th. The temperature was -1degreeC.  Checked in The Four Seasons Hotel at first. Actually, before checking in I got on the sky train from Airport station to the Vancouver city centre. During moving I felt like I’m in some rural areas because I could see a lot of logs floating on a canal and mountains covered with snow.
Anyways today’s purposes were to visit the studying abroad center in Yaletown and the business college in Gastown. After first appointment I took lunch at RODNEY’S.

Seafood stew









1228 Hamilton St










And after finishing a second appointment, looked around Gstown and Robson St. Today’s dinner was a crab cake and a prosciutto pizza at Cincin Ristorante + Bar.




















Funny bike guy










Hastings St. Drag junkies...


Plan to go to Vancouver using airbnb

this entry is written by Japanese and English.


I’m planning to go to Vancouver in the end of February and going to stay in an apartment or guesthouse where are appeared on airbnb at least a night. It’s a kind of challenging event for me. As you know airbnb has already become popular service in Japan as well as the world, but there are no user around me. so I decided I become the first user. Now I’m getting ready for small talks when I meet a host. In all likelihood they ask me about that huge earthquake and radiation problem.