Sunstar Realty Ltd. Short term staying in Vancouver

This entry is written by English and Japanese.

I was finding some nice real estate sites about short term staying in Vancouver since I’ve decided to go there for studying with my family, and finally I found it!
Sunstar Fully Furnished Short Term Rental Listings

  • Fully furnished
  • Short term (at least 2 months)
  • Nice locations

 All my conditions are included in. As soon as I found the site, I made some viewing appointments. Now I’m really looking forward to go there.

バンクーバー行きを決めて以来、短期滞在型のマンションを探していたのだが、なかなか良いサイトを探すことができず悩んでいた。しかし色々と掘っていくウチにやっと望みどおりのサイトを見つけることが出来た。Sunstar Realty Ltd. という会社の物件リンク集。
Sunstar Fully Furnished Short Term Rental Listings


  • 家具付き
  • 短期滞在 (2ヶ月程度〜)
  • 周辺環境の良さ