Radiohead concert had been cancelled due to “unforeseen circumstances”

I might have the Sixth sense. Although I was supposed to go to Tronto today for this concert, had given up that plan a week ago. 4 and half hours fright is too long for 1day trip..

Anyways, according BBC news at least one person died and some more staffs were injured. It looks kind of big accident.

BBC News


Two surprising news about Japanese music scene + one hilarious photo

As I speculated in previous entry, FUJIROCK festival unveiled RADIOHEAD appear on stage on their official web site, and tour dates page updated as well.  That must be one of the memorial time in their over 15 years history.

Tokyo Incidents, (in Japanese) 東京事変 that one of leading bands in Japanese music industry, announced that they decided to call it a day as a band yesterday on their official web site. Their last show is taken place in Nippon-Budokan at 29th Feb. The flont woman of the band Ringo Sina wrote a message on the site.

If we died, revive us your playback(rebirth) equipment.

# “playback” and “rebirth” have same sound in Japanese. The original message is Japanese, it’s my translation.

At last I found a much hilarious photo made by Chinese . If you know a Japanese comic blockbuster DRAGONBALL well, you must burst out laughing!

RADIOHEAD come to Japan?

Look at the RADIOHEAD official web site. According to their tour date page, they unveiled come to Taiwan on 25th Jul. That is a much interesting date for Japanese rock music funs because FUJIROCK Festival which is most huge rock music festival in Japan is going to take place from 27th to 29th. Last year The Stone Roses already announced they perform on there, so if RADIOHEAD is booked FUJIROCK as headliners it must be a hell of the amazing festival.

By the way Thom York appeared on the stage in FUJIROCK ’10 as Atoms For Peace.