Recently music festivals scene in Asia

Probably Fujirock music festival is one of the most popular music festival in Asian area. Although it depends on a definition of “popular”, if its definition contains cleanness, I can say “not only Asian area but also over the world.”

By the way I didn’t know there are some outdoor music festivals in China. That name is Strawberry Music Festival. When I worked in Shanghai about 4 years ago, I had heard some Chinese staffs that is there big music festivals like Fujirock in China? They all said “No, Police and Government wouldn’t allow such kind of events. They are afraid of possibilities of riots and demonstrations.” I was convinced by the reason in that time. Because when I lived in Shanghai, usually I felt like I’m in a democratic state, but actually China was still communist country. Of course it isn’t change up to now, but knowing the existence of that fastivals, I thought their policy is changing gradually. So, get back to the story, on the one hand, I was very surprised to lead this entry about Beijing’s rock music scene. And more surprising fact was that it took place in Beijing since 2007. According the blog entry above, some Japanese bands had appeared on the stage in a past. But on the other hand, there are some anxious factors.

”Attention: Suzhou Strawberry Music Festival 2011 has been canceled due to seriouse damages of park facilities by lightning and weather recently.”

Last year, suddenly the official site announced about cancelation of the Suzhou’s one. (now it disappeared ) They mentioned the reason was facilities problem, but as the blog’s writer of that entry said, in all likelihood it deeply related to Ai Weiwei’s arrest.

Change the topic, Korean event promoter Yellowline have been forming alliance to Smash which is promoter of Fujirock. So since 2009 we can see similar line up  with Fujirock in JISAN VALLEY ROCK FESTIVAL in Korea.

In conclusion, recent Asian outdoor music festival’s market is growing up quickly and it can offer great opportunities for musicians over the world. Many bands are able to make an efficient tour schedule when they think of world tour, and it will bring much money to bands. And Asian music funs will have more opportunities to see many kind of musicians.



フジロックは、アジアで最も知名度、規模共に大きなフェスティバルの1つだと思うが(クリーンという分野においては世界一という話もあるが、真偽は不明)、ここ数年は他のアジア諸国でも同様のフェスが増えてきているようで、中国では Strawberry Music Festival というフェスが2007年から続いており、デモや暴動を厳しく取り締まっている中国政府がよくぞ開催を許可したな、と政策の微妙な変化を感じさせられる。とはいっても、昨年はAi Weieiの逮捕に関連して蘇州で開催予定の同フェスが急遽中止になるなど、まだまだ政治に翻弄される文化環境であることも再認識させられた。このあたりの事情については、こちらのブログを参照:

隣の韓国に目を移してみると、イエローラインという興行会社がフジロックを主催するスマッシュと提携して2009年より JISAN VALLEY ROCK FESTIVAL を開催しており、こちらのラインナップを見ると非常にフジロックと似ている。今年12年のヘッドライナーは全く同じ、Radiohed,The Stone Roses となっている。