Ghibli Museum, Mitaka in Tokyo

The last day of New year holiday I visited in Ghibli museum in Mitaka-shi, it’s my first time to come there since it had been build.

The reason why I hadn’t visited for a long time is they have a little complex ticket system. First, you have to decide what date and time you want to visit there and then you can check it’s available or not on LOWSON’s ticket service on the web or by their own device in stores. If you’re not member of LOWSON’s ticket site when you check it on the web you have to become a member, but that process make us feel annoying a lot. After through those process you get a ticket.

When I got to the entrance, there’s already a long lineup to waiting next time. And I’ve been surprised many foreign people were waiting there, not only asian but also caucasian.

You can see the big Totoro during through the entrance.

Inside of the museum, I thought it’s consisted of three parts, Ghibli’s work materials, stuffs like picture books that Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki had got influence and inspirations for their works, and stuffs such as statues and buildings which appearing in films.

The castle in the sky

“Nekobus” in My Neighbor Totoro

Ghibli Museum

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