MEAT & BREAD at Pender St. Vancouver

Actually I’ve been tired of sandwiches, miss Japanese rice and noodles. Italian’s also good. however, that shop’s one is something different from others, very meaty. I think if they made a shop in Tokyo it’ll be definitely popular.


$8 very meaty







There's always long line-up

Radiohead concert had been cancelled due to “unforeseen circumstances”

I might have the Sixth sense. Although I was supposed to go to Tronto today for this concert, had given up that plan a week ago. 4 and half hours fright is too long for 1day trip..

Anyways, according BBC news at least one person died and some more staffs were injured. It looks kind of big accident.

BBC News


Night market in Richmond

On Sunday evening we got off the train at the Brigdeport Station. It took about 7 minutes from the Station exit, through the Casino hotel lobby, got to the night market place.

Actually there’re so many booths, foods, drinks, cellphone goods and even lingerie. we grabbed Japanese Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki and Taiwanei noodle. As a result, that’s totally funny taste. Probably I won’t come again.. but yeah that’s memorable funny night.