The first visit of Vancouver – Yaletown, Gastown, and Robson St.

Arrived at here, Vancouver in the morning of 27th. The temperature was -1degreeC.  Checked in The Four Seasons Hotel at first. Actually, before checking in I got on the sky train from Airport station to the Vancouver city centre. During moving I felt like I’m in some rural areas because I could see a lot of logs floating on a canal and mountains covered with snow.
Anyways today’s purposes were to visit the studying abroad center in Yaletown and the business college in Gastown. After first appointment I took lunch at RODNEY’S.

Seafood stew









1228 Hamilton St










And after finishing a second appointment, looked around Gstown and Robson St. Today’s dinner was a crab cake and a prosciutto pizza at Cincin Ristorante + Bar.




















Funny bike guy










Hastings St. Drag junkies...


Sunstar Realty Ltd. Short term staying in Vancouver

This entry is written by English and Japanese.

I was finding some nice real estate sites about short term staying in Vancouver since I’ve decided to go there for studying with my family, and finally I found it!
Sunstar Fully Furnished Short Term Rental Listings

  • Fully furnished
  • Short term (at least 2 months)
  • Nice locations

 All my conditions are included in. As soon as I found the site, I made some viewing appointments. Now I’m really looking forward to go there.

バンクーバー行きを決めて以来、短期滞在型のマンションを探していたのだが、なかなか良いサイトを探すことができず悩んでいた。しかし色々と掘っていくウチにやっと望みどおりのサイトを見つけることが出来た。Sunstar Realty Ltd. という会社の物件リンク集。
Sunstar Fully Furnished Short Term Rental Listings


  • 家具付き
  • 短期滞在 (2ヶ月程度〜)
  • 周辺環境の良さ



The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo

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Recently Facebook statistics, how about Japan?

This entry is written by Japanese and English.

socialbakers の国別facebookユーザー数統計によると、日本のユーザー数は676万人、世界第25位となっている。ちなみに過去6ヶ月で増えたユーザー数は258万人と世界5位。4位はインドネシア、6位にアメリカとなっている。今まさに伸び盛りということになる。アクティブ率は不明だが、最盛期のmixiに近い熱量を個人的には感じているので、かなり高いのではないだろうか。このペースが続く、もしくは加速した場合上半期中にmixiの月間アクティブユーザー数を抜く可能性も十分あり得るかと思う。

According to socialbakers‘s facebook statistics by country, there are 6.76 million users in Japan which makes it 25 in the ranking of all of the world. In addition the number of increasing users for last 6 months are 2.58 million which makes it 5 in the ranking of increasing user. I’m not sure what is DAU (daily active user) of Japanese users, however I’m feeling a similar boom with the one that mixi which is most popular SNS in Japan used to make a few years ago. So I guess facecook’s DAU in Japan is kind of high rate. In my speculation, it may have a potential that user number of  facebook get over mixi’s one by this summer.